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"I guess it was, sort of, at a time when I was like a bit; I felt like my life was slightly in stasis and I was a little bit bored, so I guess I kind of equated that to being a frozen corpse and stuck in an ashy position under a burned down city for a long time. You know, just your average thought. Totally normal. And then it became a pop song, which you know is a bit weird." Dan Smith on Pompeii


favorite idiots | BΔSTILLE

"How am I gonna be an octopus about this?"


"Tour life involves a lot of… Us, all sitting in a bus together, and involves us all being horribly antisocial and watching movies and not talking to each other."

"I grew up listening to lots of melodic stuff like The Beach Boys and The Beatles and stuff like that, so I’m a bit obssesed with kind of good songs, and hopefully we have some of that"- Dan Smith for


Bad Blood (Off Guard Gigs, Lovebox 2012) (x)

And all you want to do is walk,
it’s all you want to do, do, do
This is how the summer ends