Q: Hi, how was your day? Or maybe how is your day idk ;)

Hey! Today was fine, even though it’s monday and I woke up at 6am… but I’m having lasagna for dinner so I’m happy :D

how about you? x

Dan and Will being super adorable during OFIVE interview

favourite songs [2/?]  → pompeii (bastille) 



Q: Hey, I love your blog:3 is there any advice that you could give to us?:)

Hi there! Thank you, glad you still do even though I haven’t posted anything in a while… sorry for that :( I’m going to college since a week and it’s already taking most of my time *sigh*

And any advice? I don’t know… I suck at giving advice haha x

Q: Calm ur leg. Just one leg. Leave the other one hot. That ur leg so hot u fry an egg.

dan doing the tippy toe thing while he’s singing